Entergy Project SMART MST Grant 2012

Using Teacher Assessment Data to Improve Teaching and Learning”

Gregory Bailey
Technology Education
Kenney Middle School
846 Cayuga Street
Hannibal, NY 13074
Phone: (315) 564-7955 Ext 2117
Fax: (315) 564-7509


I thoroughly reviewed the current Technology Education program at Hannibal’s Kenney Middle School. My main focus was on how the seven Technology Education standards are being addressed in the curriculum. This largest gap appeared to be Standard 3: Computer Technology.
Last year, while using the ten computers in my technology lab to do a graphics project I was disappointed to discover how much my students did not know about computers. Students seem to know how to use a computer for social networking, gaming, email, Google searches and word processing but they have no clue as to how and why the computer worked. They also have not had the opportunity to use software designed to do a specific job.

Computer Technology
Key idea: Computers, as tools for design, modeling, information processing, communication, and system control, have greatly increased human productivity and knowledge.

Performance Indicators


Students will:
  • identify and describe the function of the major components of a computer system
  • use the computer as a tool for generating and drawing ideas
  • control computerized devices and systems through programming
  • model and simulate the design of a complex environment by giving direct commands


Students will:
  • assemble a computer system including keyboard, central processing unit and disc drives, mouse, modem, printer, and monitor
  • use a computer system to connect to and access needed information from various Internet sites
  • use computer hardware and software to draw and dimension prototypical designs
  • use a computer as a modeling tool
  • use a computer system to monitor and control external events and/or systems


I currently have 10 computers in my room that all have an internet connection. The computers are used during several projects but not all of the objectives are being met.

I plan to address this gap by improving how the objectives of the Computer Technology Standard are being address. Presently most students do not know to identify the major computer components and state what there function is. A new unit is going to be developed that will include pre and post-test as well as hands-on activities.

My program does not presently have any software to draw and dimension projects or prototypes. The program also lacks modeling software. I plan to address this gap by purchasing Home Designer10 software. A new unit will be developed using this software to address these gaps. I will be collecting pre/post test data to analyze student knowledge and understanding of the unit.